How To: Avoid Burnout At Work (Health And Wellness)

Here Are Some Tips On Avoiding Burnout At Work

HOW TO – A few months ago, there were several reports about ‘burnout’ being recognized as an actual medical diagnosis by the World Health Organization.

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Employed adults often face responsibilities that come with the job. Doing paper works, working extra and staying late can sometimes accumulate enough stress to cause a burnout.

Burnout is most common among working adults. This commonly occurs when there’s too much workload and the tasks required to finish them are too emotionally demanding.

Work stress can severely affect adults and even ruin their health. There are so many studies you can find online (from reputable sources) that relate stress to many diseases.

Here are the things you should know about how to avoid burnouts:


Try to find the purpose why you’re doing your job. Ask questions like: “Are you doing it just for the paycheck?” or “Are you doing it to serve a greater purpose?” Also, try to see if you’re in the right career.


Sometimes, in your job, you would feel too exhausted. Like you’re doing too much extra work for you role. If this happens, try to clear things out with your job and see what’s really expected from you. Then leave the unnecessary workload or delegate someone for the task. Set up a meeting with you r boss if you think you’re given too much work.


It’s very important to take of yourself. Exercising is one way to alleviate stress and make you feel healthier. This can also help you get a good sleep. If you exercise regularly, sooner, you will feel more energetic and be more productive.


There are so many ways to deal with stress. So try look some up. The most common ones are: meditation, travelling, taking a day off, looking for an outlet to let out some steam. Find one that fits you, it’s a personal thing. What works for me might not work for you.

These are just some tips we found in an article from MindTools.

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