Facts About Area 51: How Did It Spur So Many Conspiracy Theories?

Here Are Some Facts About The Mysterious Area 51 Facility

FACTS – The military facility in Nevada has been the subject of so many theories believing that there are extraterrestrial creatures in there.

Photo taken from CNN

The highly classified US Air Force facility has been under the limelight since rumors about it housing extraterrestrial entities have been circulating the internet.

Recently, an event was posted on Facebook by a video game streamer to storm the facility. It was supposed to be a joke event that’s not supposed to be taken seriously.

Located within the Nevada Test and Training Range, the joke event’s description claims that the facility staff “can’t stop all of us.”

Officially, the facility is known as the Homey Airport or Groom Lake.

But how did the military facility become one of the most talked about topic when it comes to extraterrestrial life and discoveries?


Sgt. Anderson told Reno Evening Gazette before about a UFO sighting back in 1959. (Reno Evening Gazette is now known as Reno Gazette-Journal). The news outlet also reported about other relevant events prior to the conversation. The report stated that 130 miles to the South of Area 51, Nellis Air Force Base have also received reports of alleged UFO sightings.

To add to it, these reports followed an already circulating rumors about a UFO that allegedly crashed in Roswell, New Mexico back in 1947.

After this, the US Air Force started to investigate claims of UFO sightings. It eventually became official and was called the Project Blue Book.

It ended in 1969 with over 12000 claims investigated.


With people’s imaginations running wild about the rumors. The facility was also featured in several movies that had extraterrestrial themes.

Movies such as The Independence Day and Paul.

This based on an article from Time.

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