Leg Cramps: Simple Way To Stop Leg Cramps Right Away

Here’s a simple way to stop leg cramps right away

Leg cramps can be disturbing especially when it happens during the night when it is already your bedtime and here is one simple way to solve this problem right away.

People who experience this feel a sudden, strong, involuntary contractions or tightening of muscles. Unfortunately, the painful condition happens most of the time when you are resting or during the night. There are instances that you will just suddenly feel the pain when while you are sleeping.

leg cramps
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Based on the article from Live Pure Health, some people called this condition as Charley Horse. Leg cramps can happen to people from different age brackets, however, it happens more frequently on middle-aged adults and older people.

No one can really point out the causes of this condition, according to the article. However, there are some factors being pointed as reasons why people experience this such as dehydration, prolonged sitting, standing in one spot for long periods and overexertion.

Furthermore, not having enough potassium, calcium or other minerals in your system may also result in leg cramps.

So what could be a simple way to solve this problem?

According to the article, all you need is soap. It does not matter what brand it is or what type of soap do you prefer.

leg cramps soap remedy
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Some people may think this is ridiculous but the article stated that this really works and some people already tried this remedy.

In order to use soap as a remedy for your leg cramps, just put it near your leg that gets cramps or anywhere your body which feel this.

You can put the soap underneath your bedsheet on the portion where you position your legs.

Another option is to wrap the soap with a cloth and insert it in your socks. This works well when you not in bed and just relaxing at home. Based on the article, you don’t need a huge bar of soap because even just a small piece will work.

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