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Here Are Some Shortcut Keys On Excel You Could Use

EXCEL SHORTCUT – Here are some lesser known shortcut keys you could use that work on Microsoft Excel – lesser known shortcuts.

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With technology integrated in almost every workplace, most office works now require skills in word processing apps. And to work faster on these applications, most people have mastered the ins and outs of it, also the shortcuts to make things easier.

There were already known Microsoft Excel features. Yes, but there are also shortcut keys that are very useful but is known less about.

Knowing more and more about these convenient strategies in using Excel, may give you an edge in doing office works. It could also make your work a lot faster and easier.

Here the lesser known shortcut keys on Microsoft Excel:

F7: For Spell check

Although Excel is mostly used by companies to record numbers, there are Excel documents that have words in them. You can press F7 to do a quick spellcheck.

Alt + F1: To Insert chart

You can just highlight any data you want to include in your chart and hit (Alt + F1) to instantly create a chart.

Ctrl+’: To Copy Formula from Cell Above

This shortcut allows you to replicate the exact same formula from the cell above.

Alt + =: For Auto sum

To automatically set the values above to be summed together, instead of typing the =SUM equation, you can just press (Alt + =).

Ctrl + 5: Strikethrough

To cross out text, select which portion of the text/cell you want crossed out by highlighting it and hit (Ctrl + 5).

F12: ‘Save As

Instead of dragging your mouse to the file icon, you can just hit (F12) and save the file in your preferred destination.

These are just some tips we found on a post from BetterCloud.

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