Andi Eigenmann Says Having A Bedtime Talk To Ellie Is Important

Andi Eigenmann: “The Final Bit Of Our Bedtime Routine Is Now Spent Talking To Each Other”

ANDI EIGENMANN – Andi Eigenmann recently posted on social media talking about how having a bedtime talk with her kid Ellie is important in parenting.

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In her post, Eigenmann started by noting how their daily routines have changed ever since they adapted a life full of mindfulness and holistic self-care.

She further added that they are trying their beat to bring their healthy habits since they spent most of their time in the city, with Ellie going to a regular school.

Andi then shared that the last bit of their bedtime routine is spent mostly on talking to each other, in which she noted that it is better than watching online. In that way, they get excited to know more of each other as Andi believes that open communication to their kid is crucial in parenting.

She further pointed out that at first, it was really hard to obtain but little by little, Ellie gets more and more comfortable talking to her mother and aking her questions.

Andi lastly said that these experiences are worthwhile, although they also have busy times at night. Still, she is happy that they both enjoyed it and will do bedtime talks more often.

Here is the post:

As of the moment, the post gained at about 37K likes. Here are the following comments:

“”..easier when we do things s not because we feel we have to, but because it’s what we feel like doing.. ” this! ❤️”

@tinabuyot on Instagram

“Love reading your stories and how awesome u are raising Ellie!! ❤️💜❤️”

@katzsalao on Instagram

“Ang cute cute ng bata. 😍”

@honne2019 on Instagram

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