NBA FINALS: Klay Thompson Hurt After Bad Landing

Warriors Pro Player Apparently Got Hurt After Landing Badly

NBA FINALS – One of the Golden State Warriors’ main players Klay Thompson seemingly hurt his knee after a bad landing during the Game 6.

NBA Finals
Photo taken from ABC7 News

The Game 6 of the NBA Finals is currently going on at Oakland. Follow this link for a live updates during the game.

In an unexpected clash with one of the Raptors players, Klay Thompson’s attempt for a lay-up ended with a bad fall apparently hurting his knee.

A replay was shown displaying the moment Thompson landed with one of his foot twitching a little. He was then assisted by a some people present to help him get to the back.

However, the Warriors pro player immediately went back to do a free-throw for his team.

Klay Thompson is regarded as one of the best shooters in NBA.

During the NBA Playoffs back in 2016, the Warriors also found themselves in almost the same situation with Oklahoma City Thunder leading a 3-1 score against them.

During the Game 6 in 2016 NBA Playoffs, Thompson scored 41 points with 11 three-pointers that propelled the team to the Finals.

As the game progresses, Thompson has reportedly been seen getting more productive.

According to a Tweet by Andrés Alvarez,

Here are Thompson’s scored three-pointers:

Game 1: 3 three-pointers
Game 2: 4 three-pointers
Game 3: Out (woulda been 5 three-pointers)
Game 4: 6 three-pointers
Game 5: 7 three-pointers

This is according to an article from Golden State of Mind.

That is all there is to it, we’ll keep you posted for updates.

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  1. Thank to GSW for doing there best against Raptors team , even with out KD and Thompson.better luck next time guys.Go go go!


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