DOLE Will Set Guidelines On Dealing With ‘Burnouts’

The Department Of Labor And Employment Will Set Guidelines For Companies On Dealing With ‘Burnouts’

DOLE – The Department of Labor and Emplyment (DOLE) also took part in dealing with the phenomena of workplace ‘burnout’ by setting guidelines.

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The World Health Organization (WHO) recently recognized ‘burnout’ as an actual medical diagnosis. Burnouts are commonly caused by mismanaged workloads and too much stress.

Renel Aguilana, a 26 year old financial advisor shares his personal strategies in dealing with workplace burnouts.

As a financial advisor for one of the top insurance companies in the country, Aguilana shares his working experiences during a conversation with CNN Philipines.

Aguilana says he has to make several calls daily to gain prospective clients and hopefully set meeting with them.

According to him, the most challenging part in his job, is the prospecting process where he calls several people to gain potential clients.

The stress that comes with his work could also lead to burnout cases. He says, to avoid getting ‘burnt out’ in the first place, he has found ways to deal with stress.

The ways he found to work against stress includes: resting during Saturdays, and taking physical exercises.

He also shared tips on avoiding ‘burnout’ in his statement:

“Para hindi ako ma burnout, lumalabas ako with friends. Tapos, nagseset ako ng mga – kasi mahilig ako magtravel – so nagseset ako ng mga travel goals para may mga nilolook forward akong mga days, para mas ganahan akong mag trabaho.”

[To avoid burnout, I go out with friends. Then, I set – because I like traveling – I set travel goals so that I have days to look forward to, so I’d be encouraged to work.]

The Department of Labor and Employment would officially present set guidelines for companies to follow on dealing with job burnouts.

The official release is expected in July 5th.

Maria Imelda Santos, DOLE Bureau of Working Conditions Chief said the guidelines would include advocacies and referrals. Also mechanisms to ensure proper dealing methods with burnouts.

This is based on the report from CNN.

The companies should have a kind of system or mechanism to refer workers who need professional health guidance. And also raise advocacies for social policies like campaigns against workplace discrimination.

They are also processing the setting of penalties for companies who are going to violate the set guidelines.

That is all there is to it, at least for now. We’ll post updates as soon as we got them.

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