Undefeated Keith Thurman Could Use Traps In Boxing Against Manny Pacquiao

KEITH THURMAN – Justin Fortune, an Australian strength and conditioning coach raised a caution for Pacquio to look out for Thurman’s “traps”.

Keith Thurman
Photo taken from Boxing Scene

Young professional boxer Keith Thurman recently called out Pacquiao to a boxing fight after winning his last match. Manny Pacquiao also had Keith Thurman in the scope after his last win.

The two face each other at PBC last week for a press conference.

In their bout set to happen on July at MGM Grand Arena, Las Vegas, an Australian coach threw in his two cents about techniques.

Fortune says Keith Thurman likes to set traps in his fights to bait opponents. However, he believes that the veteran boxer Manny Pacquiao will be prepared for it.

Keith Thurman, being younger, unbeaten and a champion could be the best fighter Pacquiao would be facing in a while according to Fortune. He also sees Thurman as “dangerous” opponent for Pacquiao.

Manny Pacquiao’s ring dynamics makes other fighters look slow because he is quick. But Fortune also noticed Thurman’s movements in the ring.

He said Thurman is a smart fighter who sets up traps to bait fighter to come in. He explained it in his statement:

“He steps back and waits for his opponents to come in. Manny should watch out for that because Thurman sets up traps. Manny can’t just go charging in. Thurman’s a smart guy but Manny’s smarter.”

This is according to an article from MSN News.

Given that Manny Pacquiao has trained well for the fight and is in perfect condition, it would be very difficult for Thurman to win.

Fortune sees that fitness is the key for this fight. He explained that Pacquiao cannot go into the ring with Thurman without being in full condition.

Pacquiao has set to train for the last six weeks before their brawl.

That is all there is to it, at least for now. We’ll post updates as soon as we got them.

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