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This WiFi Booster Can Now Be Bought From Different Tech Shops

WIFI BOOSTER – This Wi-Fi booster is a solution to slow internet connections and it is now available in different tech stores.

Wifi Booster
Photo taken from Daily Life Tech

The product itself is a huge help for people in areas with low signal receptions. However , if you find the product too expensive, here are some other cheaper ways to boost wifi connection.

The internet connection in the Philippines is one of the most common issue a lot of people have complained about.

Either used for games, streaming movies, or making calls, a steady wifi is always necessary.

Mostly, during a peak times, when data traffic is high, you’ll find that your internet connection will become weaker and the processes would take slower.

But this new device may have the potential to make your wifi work stronger, even beyond its limits.

This came from the minds of the ex-engineer that used to work for one of the biggest Internet Providers in the Philippines.

The engineer reportedly noticed during his time at the company that ISP operators are selling customers poor wifi boxes.

They allegedly sold cheap wifi routers to make costumers upgrade to better router/connection.

Seeing this, the former engineer worked to develop a device that could increase several factors such as the range and speed of an already establish Wifi connection.

He called the product Wifibooster, apparently for its purpose which is to boost wifi signals.

This is according to an article from Daily Tech Life.

The device is so easy to use and user-friendly, it is also so simple that it can be operated without drastic tech knowledge.

The device is basically an amplifier, it receives the signal from the current wifi, amplifies it and then sends it back out,

That is all there is to it, at least for now. We’ll post updates as soon as we got them.

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