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4:33 PM May 25, 2019

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4:33 PM May 25, 2019

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This Student With Cancer Graduated College While Getting Regular Chemotherapy

STUDENT – This cancer-struck student shares her story about how she pulled through college while getting regular chemotherapy.

Photo taken from Jasmine Aspiras | Facebook

Cancer have victimized millions of people in the past years. Few months ago, a grade 6 student was also struck by cancer and still stood to deliver her speech.

Sad yet inspiring stories of bravery of cancer patients fighting through the disease have surfaced online recently. Particularly in this one, a college student was diagnosed by cancer and still made it to graduation.

Ann Jasmine Aspiras’ story went viral online after she had shared it on Facebook.

She sincerely shared her incredible story going through college while also getting regular chemotherapy sessions as she was diagnosed with cancer.

Aside from the chemotherapies, she also had to go through other problems while in college.

From the university she wanted to go to and the course she wanted to take, she heard a lot from other people. This went on and added up to the weight of the problems she already have on her back.

She found a way to finish college without letting the chemotherapy sessions get in the way. She also did not let her professors know that she had cancer because she didn’t want to pass out of pity.

However, because her condition required her to wear medical masks most of the time, people noticed it anyway.

She did not expect that opening up about her condition would actually help her ease up with her college.

This is according to an article from Kami.

People around her showed her all the love and support she needed.

In a Facebook post made by Jasmine herself, a photo of her in her graduation toga holding up a dextrose was shown.

The post gained 6100+ likes and reactions and has been shared 945 times!

That is all there is to it, at least for now. We’ll post updates as soon as we got them.

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