Young Athletes From Batanes Travelled 4 Days To Compete For ‘Palaro 2019’ In Davao

These Young Athletes Went On A 4-Day Journey To Participate In This Year’s ‘Palarong Pambansa’

YOUNG ATHLETES – From Batanes, these three athletes took a long journey across seas and mountains to participate in Palaro 2019 at Davao City.

The annual Palarong Pambansa features Filipino athletes competing in different feats. Every year, this competition spurs great stories.

YOung athletes
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In last year’s Palarong Pambansa, a blind athlete wins two gold medals. Read more about it here.

Meanwhile, three young athletes are the stars of this incredible story of adventure.

The atheletes: Jasmine Remolino, Franz delos Santos, at Roxanne Figuro, literally crossed oceans and mountains to get to Davao for this year’s competition.

Nauseating car rides, tedious drives, boredom and chaotic moments of teasing each other are just some of the experiences the three athletes had during their jouney.

This is based on an article from ABS CBN News.

To sum it up, here’s the travel summary on how they got to Mindanao:

  • An hour of plane ride from Batanes to Tuguegarao
  • An hour of bus ride from Tuguegarao to Ilagan City in Isabela.
  • A tedious twenty-hour bus ride from Isabela to Manila port.
  • Two days of boat ride from Manila port to Cebu port.
  • A day of boat ride from Cebu port to Nasipit port in Butuan
  • And finally, a seven-hour bus ride from Butuan to Davao City.

Summed up, the travel time it took the three athletes to get to their destination is more than 4 days or over 96 hours!

In a conversation with ABS CBN News, the athletes revealed details about their travel story.

To cut to the chase, despite the long journey and the challenges the athletes arrived to their destination in one piece and ready to compete.

That is all there is to it, at least for now. We’ll post updates as soon as we got them.

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