Timberwolves Won Over Miami Heats With Scores 111-109

Minnesota Timber Wolves’ Winning Scores 111 to 109 against Miami Heat

TIMBERWOLVES WON OVER HEATS – The recent Timberwolves-Miami Heat game was a hurtful night for Heat’s aspirations of playing in the playoffs.

Miami Heat is currently in a desperate quest to get to Eastern Conference Playoffs with only three games remaining.

The team recently lost the third time in a row which definitely adds to the pressure.

During the game, Minnesota’s Karl-Anthony Towns, a 7-foot tall center had quite a stumble. With 11 turnovers and 4 offensive fouls, he still ended up with a triple double with 13 points and 12 rebounds based on a report on ABS-CBN News.


Minnesota is no longer in the playoffs list, however, they played spoiler.

Meanwhile, Miami Heat’s Dwayne Wade was leading the team scoring 24 points. He also made the best play of the team after a crucial steal and lay-up cutting Minnesota’s lead down to 1 point.

However, Minnesota Timberwolves’ Keita Bates-Diop made a free-throw attempt and scored 1 point bringing the lead up to 2 points again.

Miami Heat’s coach called their final timeout 4.7 seconds before the buzzer.

It was a close fight between the two teams, with several lead exchanges in the first two quarters of the game. Both teams fought very well leaving the fans excited throughout the night.

Specifically, the competing teams had a total of 17 lead exchanges and 5 tie scores, all these in just the first quarter of the game. The first quarter scores ended up 36-35 with Timberwolves on the lead.

So much action in the second quarter with Wade scoring most of the points putting Heat back in the game.

Based on the article from ABS CBN Sports News, Minnesota finally caught up in the scores in the third quarter with six lead position exchanges yet the Heats stood tough and kept their place.

After all the action-packed encounters, the Timberwolves left the arena with a 2-point win.

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