Prices Of Palay Reduced To ₱14 Per Kg, NFA Introduces New Progam

Palay Prices Reduced To ₱14 Per Kilogram, Farmers Were Given Hope By The NFA As They Introduce New Program

PALAY – Farmers in South Cotabato were prepared for losses as palay prices reduced to ₱14 per kg, yet they can earn more through this new program, says NFA.

National Food Authority regional director Dianne Silva said that farmers can earn ₱20.40 per kg if they are willing to sell their harvest to the government.

Photo uplifted from: Inquirer

A report in Inquirer states that the NFA recently buys palay for ₱17 per kg, plus incentives of up to ₱3.40 to individual farmers.

Silva further said that the new program that they introduced, aims to gain additional income for farmers and help the agency in securing available and enough food during calamities through buffer stocking. The said program also offers storage, transport and drying facilities to farmers.

Silva added that cooperatives or farmers’ groups, if they sold to the NFA, can get up to ₱20.70 per kg plus incentives.

As per the report, as of July 2018, private traders bought palay for
₱23 per kg. In December, the prices reduced to ₱17.50 per kg.

Romulo Solivio, a Provincial Board Member and chair of the board’s committee on agriculture, stressed alarm over falling farm-gate prices of palay.

Solivio further added that farmers were groaning under the weight of losses expected from the price decline. The current situation, according to him, did not warrant a decline in farm-gate palay prices in South Cotabato.

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