Atmosphere Resorts And Spa In Dauin, Negros Oriental: A Perfect Haven

Have a peaceful and memorable getaway experience at Dauin’s Atmosphere Resorts and Spa.

DAUIN’S ATMOSPHERE RESORT AND SPA – Vacation time could also be a chance for us to reflect and recollect. Going to a peaceful place instead of a crowded destination could greatly help us grow. One of the places that we can actually consider is the peaceful Atmosphere Resorts and Spa in Dauin, Negros Oriental.

Dauin’s Atmosphere Resorts and Spa is specifically located in Maayong Tubig, National Road. It is a resort featuring a mixture of two worlds – a luxurious place situated near the beach but also has swimming pools for guests.

“The world hides many beautiful secrets.”

For those who are not into swimming to the sea water, the resort has several pools that are loaded with cool blue water that can surely give guests a relaxing moment. One of the pools overlooks a spectacular view of the beach that appears very calming to the whole being.

Many vacationers love the hospitality of the crew in the said resort. The foods being serve are also mouth-watering and do not fail vacationers’ expectations.

“Good Food + Good Place = Perfect Moment”

The Atmosphere Resorts and Spa is undeniably in the pursuit of giving its vacationers a peaceful and memorable getaway experience away from their busy lives even just for a while.

The Atmosphere Resorts and Spa is a perfect spot for water sports enthusiast. You can take snorkeling and scuba diving to the next level here as you get the chance to see the beautiful underwater creatures.

Together with yoga, massage, or muscle stretching, you can also get a chance to experience a different kind of healing as you soak your body in Atmosphere’s Watsu Pool.

The luxury resort accommodates guests who wanted to spend a day or more in this peaceful haven as it offers Deluxe Suite Rooms, Family Suite Rooms, Garden Apartments, and Penthouses.

The accommodation includes flat screen televisions, rain showers, air-conditioners, and cool pillows and cotton linens that will surely invite you to bed. Vacationers are also entitled to 24-hour swimming pool use, Indian massage for ten minutes, introduction to yoga for 20 minutes, and an amazing excursion to the Atmosphere Soup Kitchen.

“Give yourself a break… Allow it to go and grow further.”

The accommodation rates at the Atmosphere Resorts and Spa varies depending to the season. They have standard and peak rates.

Deluxe Suite Rooms

(Standard Rate: Php. 11,500/Php. 13,000; Peak Season Rate: Php. 13,500/Php. 15,000)

Garden Apartments

(Standard Rate: Php. 13,000/Php. 14,000; Peak Season Rate: Php. 15,000/Php. 16,000)

Family Suite Rooms

(Standard Rate: Php. 15,000/Php. 17,000; Peak Season Rate: Php. 17,000/Php. 19,500)


(Standard Rate: Php. 18,000/Php. 20,000; Peak Season Rate: Php. 20,000/Php. 22,000)

Should you wish to make a prior reservation at Atmosphere Resorts and Spa, feel free to reach their official website.

How to get there?

You can reach Dauin, Negros Oriental through a plane, a ferry, or a land travel. With regards to plane travel, you can book a flight bound for Dumaguete. From Manila, it might take one hour and fifteen minutes going to Dumaguete.

With your room rate giving you the privilege of a complimentary service, a van will pick you up in Dumaguete/Sibulan airport and it is going to be a 40-minute travel to the resort.

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