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Miss Canada harassment issue: Miss Earth organizers break silence about the controversy

Miss Earth organizers finally break their silence on the alleged harassment issue that Miss Canada complained about.

It was mentioned in a previous article that Jaime VandenBerg, the representative from Canada took to Instagram her complaint against an unnamed sponsor who allegedly harassed her.

Miss Earth-Canada

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Following this revelation, there were also several candidates of the pageant who broke their silence.

Miss Guam Emma Mae disclosed that a certain sponsor named Amado S. Cruz harassed her during the pageant.

The said sponsor from the Manila Yacht Club posted something on Facebook connected with this sensitive topic and this received scrutiny from netizens.

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My side of the Miss Earth International Experience: – After a year and a half of preparation for my first beauty pageant; the Miss Earth pageant, I was excited to travel back to the Philippines for the 6th time. The hospitality of the Filipinos is not found anywhere else. The Philippines is like a second home to me. I joined the pageant to make a difference and be a role model to those around me. I enjoyed a majority of the pageant, but what I did not know, is that a specific sponsor from the Manila Yacht Club would change the way I see pageantry and sponsors. The sponsor who’s name is Amado S. Cruz became a problem for many of the delegates, including myself. To focus on ONLY myself, I was pulled aside multiple times to be invited to Boracay, private islands and into his house and insisted that I and “the latino women dance for him.” Amado S. Cruz grabbed my bare backside at the National Costume Competition where I was able to push him away, but he consistently told me not to tell anyone about any of the instances. At the Manila Yacht Club, Amado S. Cruz ensured that the team managers and security personnel were separated in another room, this is where he made many girls uncomfortable. A groups of us left the room because we felt uncomfortable, but Amado S. Cruz followed us and insisted that we stayed inside to dance with him. We asked our team managers to bring us to the busses, which took over 20 minutes for them finally to do. Later on that night @missjaimeyvonne and @Miss.Earth.England spoke on the phone with Lorraine Schuck, the Vice President of Miss Earth, who assured them that Amado S. Cruz would not be at any other event. From the moment the pageant started until coronation night, Amado S. Cruz was at every event and dinner he could physically get to. Since other delegates have posted, multiple other queens from past years have come out about the same behavior. I want to help put a stop to this sponsor being apart of the Miss Earth International Pageant because he has become a problem for years. #missearth2018 #missearth #MeToo @missearth

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After this, Miss England  Abbey-Anne Gyles-Brown  also revealed that she experienced harassment.

She shared the same story as what Miss Canada previously revealed.

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My personal encounter @missearth. • It’s time to speak up about my personal experience. I have been in close contact with my national director and all incidents have been noted. I have worked very hard for my title of Miss Earth England and as I have previously mentioned I took 4 years to get to the top and win my place at the Internationals. I was elated to finally represent England over in the beautiful Philippines. My trip was a rollercoaster of emotions, stress and endurance and I did not leave the pageant as I was not going to miss out on the experience. I have many beautiful memories of my time here in the Philippines and many wonderful days. I met happy Filipinos who showed me such kindness and respect. I enjoyed 50% of my trip but the other 50% was over shadowed by feeling exploited, vulnerable, unnerved & sexually harassed as I was approached by a sponsor on many occasions who asked for sexual favours in exchange for the Crown. This happened at Manila Yacht Club on a sponsored evening meal away from the team managers behind closed doors. The sponsor also tried to find out what hotel and room I was staying in. Myself and Canada approached Team Manager to express our disgust only to be laughed at. Another official attendee of the night told me not to cry as I would ruin my makeup! There was no respect or compassion shown to myself or Jaimie. I felt traumatised by this experience and had many sleepless nights. I was not sure who had my personal details including my mob number and hotel room. It was not only myself and Canada who were approached on this night but other delegates who I believe are going to come forward and tell their side of the story. I approached Lorraine Schuck who is the Vice President Of Miss Earth she informed me that the sponsor would be removed from all contact with contestants but this did not happen. As other groups experienced the same issue. Myself and @missjaimeyvonne removed ourselves from this uncomfortable environment and sat on the bus away from further exploitation. This is one of many incidents we faced during our Miss Earth Journey! The said sponsor in fact show up at a prelim event and also attended the Coronation night

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The three beauty queens said that they spoke to Lorraine Schuck, the Vice President of Miss Earth, about this issue.

They were told that they would no longer see the said sponsor in any event during the pageant.

Based on the report of GMA News, Miss Canada said that an employee of Miss Earth pageant reminded her of the importance of sponsors. She was told that it is important to be amiable to them.

Regarding this harassment issue, Lorraine Schuck broke her silence.

Miss Earth Vice President Lorraine Schuck

(Photo source: GMA)

The pageant VP said that Miss Canada did not told them what really happened.

“Because she (Miss Canada) never told us. She came her on the 6th, we found out about it on the 14th. She never told anyone,” Schuck said.

The organizer added that if only the team managers told her about this, she will pull out everything because she will not allow this kind of incident to happen.

It was also said that Miss Canada asked for her passport and the organizers immediately gave it back to her.

Based on the report, the Miss Earth candidate from Canada suddenly left on October 22.

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