Kathryn Bernardo ‘s Mom’s Post Hint On Daniel Padilla’s ‘Pamamanhikan’?

Is it really true the post of Kathryn Bernardo ‘s mom hinted about Daniel Padilla’s “pamamanhikan”?

The post of Kathryn Bernardo ‘s mom, Min Bernardo, draws conclusion that it was a hint about Daniel Padilla’s “pamamanhikan”.

Kath and DJ, or better known together as KathNiel, have been together in front of the camera for seven years now.

Kathryn Bernardo Daniel Padilla
(Photo source: @bernardomin IG)

The love team partners admitted just recently that their romantic relationship is already five years now.

This brought ecstatic feeling to their fans who are rooting for their relationship even behind the camera.

Parents from both sides also had a positive feedback on what they revealed to the public.

Daniel Padilla Kathryn Bernardo
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On the recent Instagram post of the mom of Kathryn Bernardo, she even showed appreciation to Daniel Padilla.

Min Bernardo wrote this:

“Maraming salamat @supremo_dp (Daniel) sa magagandang awiting iyong kinanta kagabi. Salamat sa Heaven Knows, inaral mo pa talaga for me. Remember, when this angel flown away from me, when i had the strenght to set her free…promise me, to guide and take care this angel until she ever find her way back home to me”

kathryn bernardo min bernardo
(Photo source: @bernardomin IG)

This drew conclusion from several social media users that the mom of Kath is already hinting about the “pamamanhikan” of Daniel.

Here are some comments from netizens who anticipated that this is a sign of Kath & Daniel’s next level.

“ROAD TO KASAL NA TALAGA!!!!!!!” – Instagram user @alyaaaaaaan

“Mygod… Pahiwatig na po ba ito.. Kasalan na. – Instagram user @katherinevistacorrea

“Aww. So sweet mother in law and son in law to be” – Instagram user @ladyjaneaustero

“binibigyan mo na ba ng basbas si dj tita” – Instagram user @vnsssz

“mygosh parang namanhikan na” – Instagram user @cambernardo

One netizen intriguingly asked a line from Min Bernardo‘s message if it meant that Kath and Daniel are already living together.

“‘until she ever find her way back home to me’—LIVE IN na ba sila????” – Instagram user @ainah060

In one of their interviews, Daniel hindered Kath from answering about “live-in”.

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Kathryn Bernardo’s mom replied to a meaningful comment.

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