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9:17 AM September 13, 2018

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9:18 AM September 13, 2018

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Apple Unveils Three New iPhone X Smartphones, Specifications And Price

IPHONE X – Apple recently announced three new iPhone X smartphones to be released: iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, and iPhone XR.

Let’s start with the 6.5 inch iPhone XS Max, which was announced on Wednesday. The phone costs $1,099, which is also by far the most expensive iPhone to date.

The XS Max will have a larger display than most plus size phones, yet it has a similar body.

The 5.8 inch iPhone XS, on the other hand, costs $999, similar to last year’s iPhone X, which is now $200 cheaper. Apple showed off its features, which includes a fingerprint scanner Touch ID in favor of Face ID on both smartphones.


Left: XS Max | Right: XS
Photo uplited from: Apple

As Apple executive Phil Schiller always said, the cameras are “better than before”. Both the XS and XS Max have 12 megapixel cameras, which have bigger sensors and an improved HDR mode. The phones will also have extended battery life: the XS will have 30 minutes battery life longer than the original; while the Max will have 1 hour and 30 minutes more.

Apple also released a third new “lower-end” iPhone X, called the XR. The 6.1-inch smartphone features a bright LCD screen, and comes with a variety of colors: white, black, blue, coral and red. However, there is no Home button and you need to swipe up in order to access the menu.


Photo uplifted from: Apple

The XR has only one 12 pixel wide-angle camera, but it has a similar portrait feature found in its dual camera devices, in which it blurs the background.

All three phones have faster networking support. They are also suitable for travelers as they will have more bands for better roaming and dual SIM capabilities to support multiple plans and two phone numbers on one device. They also have AR (Augmented Reality) tools, which give more realistic graphics and object reflections.

The iPhone XS and XS Max will be available to pre-order on September 14(Friday), and ship September 21 (Friday ) in the US and other countries; while the XR will be available to pre-order the iPhone XR beginning October 19(Friday), and it will be in stores on October 26 (Friday), in more than 50 countries.

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