Paulo Avelino wanted to quit showbiz because of this profound reason

Kapamilya actor Paulo Avelino revealed that the thought of leaving show business crossed his mind.

This is despite of the fact that he is at the peak of his career in the entertainment industry. He also revealed his profound reason why he thought turning his back from the glitz and glamour of showbiz.

According to the article published in KAMI, the actor shared about this during the press conference of his latest movie ‘Goyo’.

Paulo Avelino

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Paulo said that he’s thankful for the people who came along his way to help him establish his showbiz career. He is thankful for people who helped him as an artist and as a celebrity.

However, he shared that quitting showbiz for good came to his mind.

His profound reason for this is that he is not able to do the movie projects that he wants to do.

The actor said: “I think, hindi dahil sa akin, pero ang hirap na hindi ko nagagawa ang mga gusto kong gawing pelikula kesyo ganito, kesyo ganyan.”

“Parang gusto kong gumawa ng pelikula at projects at my own pace,” he said. “Hindi yung kailangan kong gumawa ng pelikula dahil kailangan kong gumawa ng blockbuster hit or kailangan ng ganito,” he added.

Paulo Avelino SIR

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Paulo Avelino stressed out that if only he could do the projects he wants, he will be able to further help the showbiz industry in the Philippines.

He said that it will help his growth as a person as well as the industry and the people with it.

Meanwhile, Paulo shared that he has similarities with his character in ‘Goyo’ as the Hero of Tirad Pass Gregorio Del Pilar.

“Why do we keep doing things… parang we can’t be distracted from what we really need to do or what we have to do, parang the bigger responsibilities in life,” he said.


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