Janet Napoles, Along With Five Other People, Indicted By The US Court For International Money Laundering, Conspiracy, And Bribery

JANET NAPOLES – The US Court charged Janet Napoles and 5 others for funneling in and out of the United States cash through bribery and fraud.

Businesswoman Janet “Jenny” Luy Lim-Napoles is well-known as the alleged head of the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) also known as the “Pork Barrel” scam.

In the previous report, it is stated that Napoles claimed that she donated P5 million to Senator Frank Drilon during the 2010 campaign. She further added that she personally handed the money when she met the Senator at a hotel.

However, Senator Drilon denied the accusations of the alleged pork barrel mastermind claiming it as fake news. Furthermore, the lawmaker said that he submitted his Statements of Contributions and Expenditures (SOCE) that can prove his innocence.

Recently, Janet Napoles is accused of conspiration of laundering about $20 million in cash via a multi-year bribery and fraud scheme. Even more, there are 5 other people who are also charged along with Napoles.

Here is the list of the following accused:

  1. Janet Lim Napoles, 54
  2. Jo Christine Napoles,34
  3. James Christopher,33
  4. Jeane Catherine,28
  5. Reynald Luy Lim, 52;
  6. Ana Marie Lim, 47

Photo lifted from Bandera

According to a report in ABS-CBN, three of these defendants channeled the money to Napoles matriarch’s non-governmental organizations from government funds. This also included lawmakers’ Priority Development Assistance Fund, according to the US justice department.

Furthermore, her NGOs were supposed to use the money for development projects. They, however, redirected the funds to Napoles for personal use, according to the agency.

Based on the report, some of the funds were transferred to money remitters in the Philippines and then wired to Southern California bank accounts. They were used to buy real estate, shares in 2 businesses, 2 Porsche Boxsters, and finance the living expenses of 3 family members in the US.

Thus, the US justice department said that if the court orders the assets canceled, the US will work with the Philippines in an attempt to return the stolen funds back to the Philippine government.

As of the moment, Napoles remains behind bars for her plunder and graft cases before the Sandiganbayan in relation to the pork barrel scam.

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