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2:42 AM July 11, 2018

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2:42 AM July 11, 2018

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11-Year-Old Mangyan Child Creates Toys, Miniature Vehicles Made Of Slippers

MANGYAN CHILD – An 11-year-old Mangyan child creates vehicles toys and other toys that are made entirely out of old slippers.

Filipinos are known to be adaptive. No matter how hard life is or how dire the situation is, they adapt. They are also flexible and creative. They create things that are made from various materials, like the tricycle; or thing that is made entirely made out of a single material like slippers.

A year ago, based on a report, a sidewalk vendor named Elmer Padilla sparked reports with his creation – action figures like Transformers. Even artists from famous superhero films acknowledge him and praise for his works.

This time, a kid walks into the spotlight and creates beautiful things too. Yes, you heard that right. In fact, he creates miniature vehicles out of broken slippers. Meet Jopet Bato-bato, an 11-year old child from Baco, Oriental Mindoro. He is a student from Casillon Elementary School.

Based on a post from a Facebook Page named “Mindoro News”, he lives in a place where there is no electricity. Upon going to school, he travels bare-footed for 20 minutes.

His inspiration for creating his toys is because he has no slippers of his own. He can’t afford to buy slippers of his own because of his status in life. Whenever he picks up old slippers, they ended up broken and useless as they cannot withstand the long distance walk. He was also featured in ABS-CBN show “Little Big Shots”.

According to the post, his theme is usually transportation like buses, cars, jeeps, and even tricycles. His reason is he always wanted to ride in one of these. Here are some of his crafts. You can really see his creativity and determination in his creations.

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