INC Worldwide Walk vs. Povert y Expected to Break 3 World Records

INC Expects to Bag 3 Guinness World Records at a Charity Event.

INC- Iglesia ni Cristo believes it seized three new Guinness World Records after over 1.5 million members gathered for the “Worldwide Walk to Fight Poverty” on May 6.

Based on a report from PhilStar, the charity walk took place along Roxas Boulevard and was joined by more than a million Iglesia Ni Cristo followers in white shirts. The event started at 6 a.m. but reports claim that members gathered as early as 12 midnight.

The Church reportedly anticipates breaking two previous records set by INC during the first worldwide walk for Yolanda victims in 2014.

The 2014 charity walk can be reckoned to have been participated by 519,221 partakers from 129 sites in 16 participating countries. It was recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest charity walk in both single and multiple venue categories.

INC Walk
Photo lifted from Iglesia Ni Cristo News and Updates

As per the report, INC Public Information Officer Erwin Briones revealed in a statement that the official figure will be calculated by the number of wrist bands placed by the participants in drop-boxes at the finish line.

The Manila Police District estimated the number of participants at roughly 1.5 million along the stretch of Roxas Boulevard and 50,000 at Quirino Grandstand. However, organizers of the religious sect have not yet made an official statement regarding the official figure.

The dubbed “Worldwide Walk to Fight Poverty” is envisioned to help the less privileged people in certain communities, particularly in the African Continent where poverty is widespread and is the chief source of hunger.

In a statement, INC disclosed that all proceeds from the charity event will be allocated to continue the provision of food and medical assistance for indigents in impoverished communities.

“The Church recently established an eco-farming project in Ladybrand, South Africa aimed at helping address the pressing concerns of hunger and malnutrition in that area,” the church said in a statement.

Aside from the Philippines, the event was also joined by other INC members in 300 sites across 18 different countries.

Photo captured by Andrea Dela Cruz / The Manila Times

Although the official figure for the supposed largest charity walk has not yet been confirmed, organizers already verified that INC has topped the world record for the largest human sentence.

About 23,235 participants, arrayed in different colors formed the sentence “Proud to be a member of Iglesia Ni Cristo”, surpassing India’s 16,550 participants that formed the sentence “You can you will” about 2 years ago.

The religious sect also eyes to set new records such as ‘largest picture mosaic formed by people’ and ‘the most nationalities in a charity walk’.

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