These Two-Year Old Twins Discuss Their Career Options When They Grow Up And They’re Too Adorable To Watch!

Like what life wanted, we’ll grow up and eventually find our own haven; we’ll get to build our dreams, love someone, and work all throughout our life because living doesn’t stop and in order to live, we must strive to work. Maybe that’s why it’s very important to consider and take time of our choices on what we’re going to be and how we’re going to live with the life we always wanted.

When we’re still young, we often hear people asking us what we’re going to be, and yet we find no answer to them because innocent as we are, we don’t know where tide may take us. Unlike us, these two-year old twins, Emma and Mila, discuss their career plans when they grow up and weighs if what kind of job they would like. They mentioned several kinds of jobs they can be and though they may seem comical, they got the exact point why they shouldn’t opt for something they can’t be happy with.

Conclusively, they may end up being a princess but like what Emma (the other twin) said, “We’ll get through this, sweetie. Now we’re young.” Yes, right! For them, there’s no rush but for adults like us who already made up our mind, we got a job to love with all of our heart!

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