Teacher Made A Version Of Nursery Rhyme “May Tatlong Bibe” With A Twist

When the nursery rhyme “May Tatlong Bibe” was sung by Onyok on ABS-CBN’s Primetime Bida show “Ang Probinsyano”, it made its fame and many of us got addicted (sort of) to it. Children of any age sing it when they heard it over the radio and us adults can’t help but raise our voices too. It’s just a simple song and has simple meaning but the message it conveys share some humor among us Filipinos. It has been months but the song still plays in our head and you can still hear children sing it especially in schools.

An elementary teacher of Grade IV from Bangkal Elementary School, Emmanuel Custodio, made fun of the song “May Tatlong Bibe” (in a positive way) and made his version with the subject of learning the different kinds of line- the vertical, horizontal, slant, zigzag, and the curve line; naming the song “May Tatlong Linya”. With the support of his colleagues and the school principal, they filmed their performance and many teachers (that it includes me) are copying the song and shares it with their own students.

Well, Emmanuel made a very fun and exciting way to learn new things, even if it’s just about lines. As you’ve watched, the students love the song and enjoyed it so much! Truly, the best way to teach and learn new things is through the company of music and creativity! Bravo, Teacher Eman!

What can you say about Teacher Emmanuelle’s version of “May Tatlong Bibe”? Does it make you laugh too? If you’re a teacher, do you recommend this song to sing in schools? Share us your thoughts and share this to your friend online if this made your day! (H/T: https://web.facebook.com/Emangzky/posts/1447877391917836)

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