WATCH: This Might Be the “Origin” of Lucia Joaquin’s Creepy Story

The story of Lucia Joaquin which continues to dominate on social media is still covered with mystery.

There are several accounts which claimed that the woman of the hour, Lucia Joaquin, actually exist.

However, none of the press time proves that there is a reality regarding the existence of this persona, neither where did it actually came from.

But as we circumnavigate the web, we from, discovered a video on Facebook which could be a link on the origin of this horror story.

Warning: This video contains themes and scenes not suitable for very young audiences, parental guidance is advised.

Watch the video below.

This video animation courtesy of artists and filmmakers from Santiago de Chile namely Cristóbal León and Joaquín Cociña might be the inspiration of the still unknown writer who wrote the Facebook story of Lucia Joaquin.

This video is titled “Lucia“, the same name of the persona in the creepy story that has taken the internet by storm.

This video had gone viral smoothly with more than “6 million views” as of posting

Meanwhile, the creepy conversation of Lucia Joaquin and Enzo Cruz has conquered the social media, garnering mixed reactions and comments from the netizens.

What can you say about this video?

Could it be the origin of the viral story of Lucia Joaquin?

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Note: Lucia Joaquin’s story is fictional.

2 thoughts on “WATCH: This Might Be the “Origin” of Lucia Joaquin’s Creepy Story”

  1. I really don’t know who is Lucia. Is that the real face of hers or just fanbased? Cause the woman in the photo is from a japanese horror movie titled Kowai onna. So, it is so hard for me to believe the story of Lucia Joaquin.


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