Author: Jaz De Luna
Date: October 20, 2016
in: News
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PH Won’t Enter New Military Alliances, Won’t Break Old Ones Either

New Military Alliances – During his four-day visit in Beijing, China, President Rodrigo Duterte has told the Filipino media that they should not expect that the Philippines will enter new military ties nor break old ones.

“There will be no military alliances entered into. There will be no military alliances broken. What I am just saying is that we are not interested in adding fuel to what is already a volatile world,” Duterte said as quoted in the report by GMA News.

Duterte clarified that he is “not into” such things as having a new alliance in the military aspect and then break the old one. Supposedly, China was seen to be the said ‘possible’ new military alliance of the Philippines, while the long-time relationship between the United States and the Philippines was the one which is supposed to be broken.

PH Won't Enter New Military Alliances


In the report, Duterte added that there is a conflict between nations with nuclear weap0ns and it is intensifying and might be the end of the world if the nations would collide.

“And if you talk about America, Russia, vis-à-vis China, Great Britain, France, Iran, Pakistan, India, there is a conflict going on, it’s getting hot. And if you think that if those nuclear b0mbs will explode at the same time, then we might not be able to board our last men out of China because it will just simply end the world,” the President said.

Talking about the possible new alliances, Duterte said that these things should not be given time to be talked about as according to Duterte, will just give these nations a “stack on a matter of national pride” as they wanted.

“So what’s the point of talking about…Why should I borrow missiles or ask for [email protected] bomb? For what? They were just crazy people who would want to pull a stack on a matter of national pride,” he said.

President Duterte went to China to “talk of peace” but has already stated in reports that they won’t be discussing the disputed seas issues.

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