Survey Results: 23% of Filipinos Ignore Ads on Social Media

Brands use social media accounts in order to promote products but a survey of a market research group showed that nearly a third of Filipinos actually disregard social media advertisements.

Brands and advertisers use social media believing this will boost the money they have invested but a recent result of the survey showed that this has not attracted as much eyeballs as they think.

According to a study by market research group Kantar, the indifference of users to social media ads comes at a time as platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat are growing in popularity.

Of the total number of respondents, 33% of survey respondents of Kantar said they use the Instagram, while 20% use the Snapchat, far overtaking the Asia Pacific average of 15%.


According to the study of Kantar, 23% of connected consumers in the Philippines actively ignore social posts or content from brands. Kantar cautioned businesses to be less invasive because 33% of the respondents also said they feel constantly followed by online advertising.

Kantar said, “the rise of these platforms provides brands with new opportunities to target and engage consumers.” “However, brands need to be mindful of evolving consumer attitudes as they look to take advantage of the diversifying media landscape.”

Zoe Lawrence, Kantar digital director for Asia Pacific, said it’s high time that brands need to look at different social platforms and understand what consumers are looking for.

“If it’s Instagram, people might be looking for beautifully curated photos. If it’s Snapchat, it might be something more playful and fun and a bit down-to-earth,” Lawrence said.

“Obviously the biggest social network brands have stepped into is Facebook. But brands need to think about how people engage with Facebook with the speed of how we scroll through our feeds and think of ways of how they can add value to the experience.”

Gonzalo Fuentes, Kantar global chief executive officer for media and digital, also said that brands must use better strategy in developing campaigns to the needs and wants of their consumers.

“Their marketing campaigns don’t necessarily need to be viral all the time. What they always need to be is memorable,” Fuentes said.

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