More Supporters For Matos Than Geisler

Kiko Matos claimed he gained support for agreeing to face Geisler at a URCC Fight

Matos seemed to gain motivation from netizen who shows support in the upcoming fight inside the cage at the URCC Fight on Saturday night.

More Supporters For Matos Than Geisler

The fight will follow pro-am rules which mean elbo and knee strikes will not be allow. Matos said in an interview, “Marami na ring taong naiinis sa kanya, marami na kong supporters ngayon”, expressing his confidence over Geisler.

It can be recalled that in a video, Kiko Matos can be heard saying that he is setting aside his anger and be in good terms but it seems that ‘it’s too late to turn back now’. Then, Baron Geisler exclaimed, “Liar!” and the people just laughed. Geisler said that Kiko already said many ‘bad things’ about him and that Kiko is backing down the words.

But, Kiko insisted that he just did everything like their brawl in a bar in Quezon City because Baron, according to him, asked for it.

Baron then just made a closing that everything will be concluded on June 25. When asked about what he can say about Kiko, Baron joked that Kiko maybe has a better mustache than him. He then exclaimed that Kiko is a “very, very good liar.”

Matos said he will gracefully accept defeat if he loses, as long as Geisler changes his ways.
“’Pag natalo ako, friends kami ni Baron. Ico-congratulate ko s’ya. Basta magbago si Baron at hindi magiging makulit,” he said.

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