Manalo Siblings Seek Help From CHR Yet Refuse To Cooperate

Iglesia ni Cristo: Manalo Siblings, Angel Manalo and Lottie Manalo-Hemedez who were expelled from the church almost a year ago, seek help from CHR yet refuse to cooperate.

Manalo Siblings Angel Manalo and Lottie Manalo-Hemedez were expelled from their church, Iglesia ni Cristo a year ago, reported allegations of harassment has seek help from the Commission on Human Rights. Currently, the CHR expressed both frustration and confusion over Manalo and Hemedez’s lack of cooperation.

Manalo Siblings Seek Help From CHR Yet Refuse To Cooperate

It was clarified that the CHR had made five prior attempts to enter the compound where the ex-INC members and their families are presently residing.

The CHR investigators were again denied to enter inside a section of the Iglesia ni Cristo compound by the very people who asked the agency for the assistance. CHR-NCR Special Investigator Jun Nalangan said that the siblings have refused to see the CHR in verifying their claims of harassment for several times.

Futhermore, the The INC has sought the ejectment of the siblings, saying they are now illegally occupying church property after losing the religion’s membership.

On the other hand, INC spokesperson Edwil Zabala gave his view on this by saying, “They actively sought the help of the Commission on Human Rights, yet when the CHR appears at their doorstep, these expelled church members always give all sorts of excuses not to let the investigators in. That is the classic conduct of people who are hiding something. They do not want the truth to be known.”

It can be recalled that there are several issues that are linked to the church and its’ ex-members.

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