Chinese Navy Conducted Combat Drills In the West Philippine Sea

Chinese Navy Conducted Combat Drills In Disputed Seas

The Chinese navy has begun its combat drill in the disputed West Philippine Sea on Saturday, May 20, 2016, wherein they have tested the performance of their arms and did effective formations as preparation for actual combat training.

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In a report by GMA News, the Chinese navy included guided missile destroyers called “Hefei” and “Lanzhou”, and the one guided-missile frigate called “Sanya”.

The said military exercise involved two teams – the red and blue teams. During the exercise, the red team attacked the blue team using their guided missiles. As the vessels in the blue team were damaged and retreated, they still continued the attack while in a pursuit.

According to the report, the three mentioned naval ships in the red team really advanced in the situation with their attacks of throwing assaults against their target using their artillery.

Even there are difficulties found during the exercise like the fast movements of the naval ships and the target, but with the close collaboration between each other and the use of radar really helped the target to be locked in.

“The naval artillery system in the shooting exercise, this time, is an all advanced weapons system, with a high level of information technology, a high shooting accuracy and high firing rate,” China’s South China Sea Fleet team leader Shi Junyong said.

“The actual combat shooting effectively tested the new weapons and equipment of the Chinese naval forces in an open sea area and its performance under the continuous movement,” he added.

The West Philippine Sea has been under a rising dispute between China and the Philippines, together with other surrounding countries.

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