Prank Video of Engineer Llana Backfires as Netizens Took It Seriously

A prank video of an alleged engineer backfires when their video went viral on various Facebook pages earning the ire of most netizens who took the video seriously. The supposedly prank video caught the attentions of netizens who saw and shared the video on Facebook.


Several Facebook Pages in the Philippines with thousands of members of have blown up the story without some thorough investigations. The alleged engineer who was only identified on Facebook as Engr. Llana was holding a gun and supposedly raiding the house of his fellow engineer.

Here’s the Description of the Viral Video:

“This is Engineer Joey Llana going to the house of Engineer Pla Persia.

The original uploader of the video claims that the scene was stage and it just part of a prank or joke, but the video indeed backfires after netizens questions why the man was allowed to hold a gun despite the Comelec’s ruling during the election period.

Some netizens commented that the alleged engineer was actually holding an “M4A1 fully automatic airsoft gun.”

Although the video was claimed by the uploader to be Fake, Joke or just a make-believe scene, many netizens apparently refused to believe their story.

The video went viral immediately and some netizens even noted that the video have already garnered more than a million views combined.

Watch the Viral Video of the “Arrogant Engineer:”

May Gun Ban ba talaga? Bakit nakakagala pa rin ang taong ito… Pasikatin na natin. This is Engineer Joey Llana going to the house of Engineer Pla Persia.Video Credit: to the ownerLike us LIKE ➡ PhilNews

Posted by PhilNews on Friday, February 5, 2016

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