(Watch) Mayor Dutete’s Newest Political Ad “No Face, No Dialogue But Clear Message”

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, one of the poorest candidate in terms of finances but not in terms of supporters released a newest political ad that features “No Face, No Dialogue, But a Clear Message.” The newest political ad features Mayor Duterte’s focus on a war against criminality.

Watch the Newest Ad Video of Mayor Duterte:


The 31-second-video which was uploaded on Thursday night, January 27, 2016 in the world’s largest video-sharing site, YouTube features a pure and clear message for the Filipino people. The video which has gone viral already is devoid of dialogue or even voice-over but the message was indeed clear.

Based upon the video, the scene begins with a young female student returning from school late at night and she was followed by a man hiding in the shadows who takes out a knife, but suddenly the metal bars fall in front of the suspect.
The video shows that the girl was unaware of the danger and he was welcomed by an elderly woman. When the door closes, it bears a clear message: “Sa ligtas na bayan, panatag ang tahanan.” (In a safe society, the home is peaceful.)

The viral video ends with the message “Duterte. Davao City Ranked 9th Safest City in the World.”


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