Alden Richards of AlDub Tandem Surprised Fans by Hugging Maine Mendoza (Viral Video)

The Philippines phenomenal heartthrob, Alden Richards the other half of the famous love team, AlDub surprised their fans and followers right after the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) 2015 Parade of Stars as he hugged Maine Mendoza emotionally.


The hugging video of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza went viral online after most of their fans who witness the event shared the video online. Alden Richards seemed to be so overwhelmed during the event that he needed to embrace someone which caught the attentions of the crowd.

During the Parade of Stars of the MMFF 2015, some of the most popular stars in the country attended the highly anticipated parade that heaeded to Quirino Grandstand to briefly greet their fans.

Back to the AlDub topic, when Maine Mendoza was asked to give her message to their fans, Maine first greeted and thanked their fans who showed support to them that day.

When it was Alden Richard’s turn, he said, “AlDub Nation, hindi ko kayo ma-hug lahat kaya ito na lang!” Then he suddenly hugged Maine Mendoza who later reciprocated his gesture.

Watch Alden’s “the moves” moment with Maine in the video below.

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