Miss Universe 2015 Question & Answer (Q & A) Portion (Transcript & Video)

The Top Five Finalist of the Miss Universe 2015 faces one of the toughest questions they will ever face once in a lifetime as they answers the Q & A Portion of the highly anticipated event of the year.

Here’s the Transcript of the Miss Universe 2015 Q & A:

Miss Colombia Q: Drug abuse continues to be one of the world’s biggest problems. What is the best way to handle this issue?

Miss Colombia A: Our homes need to incentivise education for these problems.

Miss USA Q: About gun ownership

Miss USA A: “Incredibly difficult issue. It’s important that all individuals have the right to protect themselves and feel safe. Sometimes, we need to look at the safety of the whole rather than personal safety. We need better regulations so we need to pay attention.”

Miss Australia Q: “Australia is taking first step legalizing marijuana. Do you think that’s OK?”

Miss Australia A: “in certain circumstance, marijuana is beneficial like treating cancer. In that circumstance, yes. But the gov’t should weigh.”

Miss France Q: About terrorism

Miss France A: We have to know where the problems are coming from and listen to the people committing these attacks.

Miss Philippines Q: “Do you think the US should have a military base in the country?”

Miss Philippines A: “I think that the US and the PH have a good relationship with each other. We’ve been colonized by the Americans and we have their culture. Philippines is very welcoming with the Americans and I don’t see any problem with that at all.”

All the Top 5 contestants of the Miss Universe 2015 were able to answer in half a minute the questions thrown at them which proves how intelligent they are on their chosen field.

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