AlDub Supporting Mayor Duterte Rumors Spreads Like Wildfire Online

A few days after the official announcement of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte that he will be running for the highest position in the country, numerous artists and celebrities expressed their support with Mayor’s intention to run for President. Although most of those celebrity supporters have been openly supporting Duterte even before his decision to run, one of the most popular name in the entertainment industry today, the AlDub tandem is rumored to be supporting the Davao City Mayor.

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AlDub Duterte

Rumors circulating online that the once silent AlDub in terms of political endorsements open up and finally spoken about their intention to support the candidacy of Mayor Duterter who will run for President. If the rumors were true, the support of AlDub will surely dominate social media, particularly on Twitter conversations where the lovely couple became a constant fixtures in terms of trending topics worldwide.

Based upon the rumors circulating online, the AlDub tandem of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza (Yaya Dub) supports Mayor Duterte not because they were artists but they purely believe that Mayor Duterte is the only one who can save the country and its their obligations as responsible Filipino citizens.

Although the news is still unconfirmed by AlDub themselves, the entire AlDub nations who were loyal supporters of Mayor Duterte were so glad with the good news that someone who is popular in social media will support the tough-talking mayor’s bid for President.

In an earlier statement, Sen. Tito Sotto, one of the veterans of Eat Bulaga! announced to the media that the popular AlDub love team will not be supporting any Presidential candidate in the 2016 national elections.

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