Sara Duterte Shave Head to Urge Mayor Duterte to Run for President

The daughter of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, Sara Duterte seems to have a change of heart as she posted a photo of herself shaving her hair to support the presidential bid of his father, Mayor Duterte. The move of Sara Duterte seems she have joined thousands of supporters in calling for her father to run for higher office.


In the official Instagram account of Sara Duterte, the former Mayor of Davao City posted a photo of her sporting a shaved head and called for “change.”

The photo posted by Inday Sara Duterte was added with the caption that seems to ask her father to run for President even if their camp will face lack of campaign funds or the political machinery to wage a presidential campaign.

She also wrote #Duterte2016, #kalboparasapagbabago, and #NohairWecare. “Nagpa-upaw nalang ko samtang naghulat #Duterte2016 #kalboparasapagbabago #NohairWecare bisan walay kwarta, bisan way makinarya, bisan mapildi #justDUit”

The social media post of Inday Sara Duterte went viral immediately after it was shared by some supporters of his father who continues to believe that the tough-talking mayor of Davao City will run for President despite the fact that on October 12, he reiterated that he will not run for President.


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