Watch: How Will Local Celebrities Spend their Holy Week 2015 Vacation

Some of the country’s most popular celebrities already revealed to the media on how they will spend their Holy Week for the year 2015 as major TV networks allow their stars to spend time with their families during the Lenten Season. Most celebrities will be heading out to their respective towns and provinces to take a break from their busy schedules.

Here’s How Will Local Celebs Spend their Holy Week:

According to RnB King Jay R and one of the country’s fast-rising singer Jason Dy, the winner of “The Voice of the Philippines” Season 2 will be heading out of town for the Holy Week 2015 to take a short break from busy schedules. Jay-R will be go to Boracay for relaxation while Jay-R will be spending this year’s Holy Week in Butuan.

Former GMA Network kid wonder Buboy Villar, the star of the latest Manny Pacquiao movie “Kid Kulafu” will spend his Holy Week vacation to bond with his entire family.

Dream Dad actress and former Kapuso star, Maxene Magalona also revealed that during the Lenten Season she will spend more time with her family because each of her family members were having a life of their own and during the Holy Week, that’s the right time to bond with her family.

Maxene Magalona was quoted as saying during an interview with Umagang Kay Ganda: “Spend time with family catch up at home,” Magalona said.

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  1. As a youngster growing up in the Philippines, older folks would always tell you to be careful during holy week, even to the extent of banning you from playing outside, especially on holy Thursday and Friday. Why is it that celebrities continually flock to resorts or fly out of the country to tourist destinations, etc, seemingly bragging about their experiences instead of being a good example to our countrymen? Philippines is suppose to be a deeply religious Roman Catholic country and even celebrities themselves often pray to God for blessings, etc. So, why do they ignore the religion during this most important time? They are so pretentious, they should be ashamed!!! SMH


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