Rey Pamaran Sued Melissa Mendez & Seeks P3 Million Damages (Video)

Businessman Rey Pamaran rejected the apology of the controversial actress Melissa Mendez, sued the actress for slander and seeks P3 million damages over the controversial incident that became one of the trending topics online. The incident involving Pamaran and Menez happened inside a Cebu Pacific flight where Mendez allegedly slapped Pamaran over an argument on seat assignment.

Melissa Mendez Rey Pamaran

Rey Pamaran and his lawyer Atty. Raymond Fortune filed the case against Melissa Mendez over the Pasay City prosecutor’s office and asked for damages worth P3 million (P2 million for moral damages, P500,000 for nominal damages, and another P500,000 for litigation costs).

In an exclusive text message sent to, Atty. Raymond Fortun was quoted as saying “Mr. Pamaran is suing because of the humiliation that he received at the hands of Ms. Mendez while onboard CebPac,” Atty. Fortun said.

The lawyer added further that “He was cursed at for more than 45 minutes, his hair pulled, his arm pinched and his right cheek hit in full view of more than 100 passengers, most of whom were from Pagadian and who personally knew him and/or his family,” he added.

Atty. Raymond Fortun also noted that his client businessman Rey Pamaran sued Mendez “because of the lies she made in an afternoon talk show that depicted him in a negative light.” he said.

Watch the Video Report of TV Patrol:

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