Netizens Slammed Noli de Castro for Being “Rude” to Winnie Cordero

Some Filipino netizens slammed veteran broadcaster Noli de Castro for being “rude” to veteran reporter Winnie Cordero during an episode on TV Patrol on Monday as the journalist reported her account of the city of Manila’s preparation for the annual Feast of the Black Nazarene which is celebrated this coming January 9, 2015.

Noli De Castro

Noli de Castro was bantering with Winnie Cordero on his nightly newscast TV Patrol when he asked her about the city’s preparation for the Black Nazarene procession.

Right after the report of Winnie Cordero, Noli de Castro commented that Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada should act on the complaints of devotees against ambulant vendors, who cause obstruction and pose danger during the yearly procession more popularly known as the “Traslacion.”

According to Winnie Cordero’s report, the city administrator already pointed out the matter during their meeting but Noli De Castro interrupted her and insisted that it was not implemented last year even though Mayor Estrada assured him during an interview that he would act on it.

Although Winnie Cordero was ready to clarify the anchorman’s concern, but Noli De Castro already cut her off to lead to the segment’s extro.

The gestures of Noli De Castro received negative comments from netizens who noted the veteran news anchor should know the difference between being “assertive and rude,” according to one netizen.

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