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An unbelievable footage of a sea creature was caught on camera by these hikers, who thought at first that they just saw a sunbather but what happens next changes everything they believe about one of the most famous sea creatures that only exists on folklore and urban legends. The rare video footage was caught on camera by two adventurous guy at the coast of Kiyat Yam in Israel.

Watch the Unbelievable Footage of a Mermaid in Israel:

Based upon the video footage captured on camera, it shows an unidentified figure that looks like a woman laying and sitting while watching the ocean off the coast of Israel. One of the hiker who was identified as Shlomo Cohen, he was with his friend when suddenly they saw a woman laying on the sand in a weird way.

When the two hikers tried to get a closer look at the creature as they approached to take a closer look, the sea creature which is a half-woman and a half-fish jumped into the water and disappeared.

The two hikers were all shocked even further when they saw that the creature had a tail. The video which was posted on YouTube have gone viral online and has been viewed by more than 13 million people since it was published.

Meanwhile the Israeli government through the Israeli tourist board, the town were the incident happened offered a $1 million reward for proof of existence, presumably dead or alive.

Based upon the video, what do you think of the creature, is it fake or real. We’ll leave it up to you to decide? Hit Share or Like on Facebook to spread the mystery.

Real Mermaid
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