This Kid Never Thought He Could Be on TV! “Apparently” He Ended Up with Ellen DeGerenes Show!

The 5-year-old Kid YouTube sensation never thought he could be on Live TV, but because of his popular “apparently” interview, he ended up being interviewed by one of the world’s most popular talk show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show. This time around the young kid could no longer say, “I’ve never been on live television before,” but what he did is that he adorably announced that, “This is my first time on a talk show,” the kid stated.

Watch the Viral Video of the Apparently Kid “Noah Ritter” on The Ellen Show:

The YouTube sensation, Noah Ritter, who made a name for himself after his interview with live national TV during a state fair went viral. He is now known as the “Apparently Kid,” on social media, the YouTube video has already garnered more than 16 million hits and counting.

The 5-year-old Noah Ritter made it to the Ellen DeGeneres Show, one of the most-watched talk show in the United States of America (USA). During his interview, Noah Ritter, is considered by netizens as a daytime TV pro, by proving himself in front of the camera by charmingly waving to Ellen’s audience.

Noah Ritter revealed during the interview with Ellen DeGeneres, that while “Apparently” was his favorite world, he “got over it now.!” The latest favorite word of the YouTube sensation Apparently Kid is the word, “Seriously.”

Aside from the various situations given by Noah Ritter on his first interview with a talk show, the host, Ellen DeGeneres also introduced him to a dinosaur that came out on stage, wherein he was so thrilled.

Although Noah Ritter giggly exclaimed and was amused by the dinosaur, he’s apparently not that easy to fool, he even noted with certainty that, “I’m pretty sure that’s a guy in a costume.”

Noah Ritter

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