You Won’t Believe How These Kids Does The Impossible With A Whale & Watch Their Reactions!

These little kids experienced one of their most memorable childhood moments during a visit to an aquarium facility featuring a Beluga Whale. They were able to do the impossible with mammals as they teased with each other. Witness also the brilliant reactions not only with the kids but also with the mammal whom they were playing.

Watch the Beluga Whale Teasing With Kids:

The video was already featured in various news media organization in the United States after the original video which was taken way back the year 2013 was re-shared and re-posted on Facebook. It was then posted by YouTube user Michelle Cotton who also admitted that the video was just re-posted and re-shared by someone and suddenly it became viral.

According to Cotton their family were having a trip to an aquarium so that her kids could meet someone else with a rare genetic disorder called FOD, which her children suffered from.

The viral video showcased the brilliant reactions of the kids as they meet the mischievous mammal who turns his back on the pair pretending to have forgotten about them but suddenly he turn around and startle the children again and again.

The beluga whale who is identified as Juno teases the two startled kids, even pressing its mouth against the glass panel dividing the children and the Beluga whale.

The Beluga Whale Juno is already popular on YouTube and on various social networking sites when a video featuring him and the mariachi band went viral online garnering over three million views.

Beluga Whale

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