This Couple Celebrates Their Dream Wedding But What Their Best Man Did Ruin Everything!

Couple Chloe and Keith prepared so much for their dream wedding but an unfortunate turn of event put their hard-earned money and preparations in peril as their best man ruin everything they plan of a royal wedding. The couple wanted their special day to be celebrated in one of their most memorable place featuring a pool by their side.

Watch the Video of a Clumsy Best Man and How He Ruin the Wedding:

The original video of the Chloe and Keith Wedding garnered more than 30 million views during the first time it was uploaded on YouTube. It became one of the hottest and most viral videos online featuring a bride being knocked into a pool by the clumsy best man during the wedding ceremony.

The Chloe and Keith wedding was also featured in some of the world’s most popular publication such as Time Magazine and the couple even appeared on various TV shows such as  The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the Today Show, Good Morning America, The Early Show and various international TV networks from Australia, Britain and Japan.

Although the video went viral online, the secret was revealed later, the Chloe and Keith Wedding was a hoax. The wedding features actors named Josh Covitt and Charissa Wheeler and they’re not married. The viral video clip was just part of an independent film conceived by writer/director Archie Gips.

Clumsy Best Man

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