This Cat Became The Football Superstar When It Took The Center Stage Of A Football Game. Naughty Cat!

A foot ball match is really breathtaking. You really don’t want to miss every moment.

But this video shows a different. While people and players are at the peak of the game, a black cat takes the center stage. She just ran as if nothing is happening around her. She just ran as if it’s just a playground. She did not just see the players of football at the moment.

This video is uploaded on Sunday in the field of  Camp Nou football stadium in Barcelona, Spain.

The football match is between Barcelona and Elche. Their games was paused for a while after a cat ran off the field. It seems that they are already chasing the cat instead of the ball.

Watch the video.

Players and audiences are very shocked when they saw the black cat in the field. I really don’t know what this cat is thinking at the moment why he ran in the field in the middle of the game. Perhaps, she also served as a blessing in disguise in which the tension was slightly cut because of her appearance.

Seems that this cat also wants to chase the ball or might want to be chased. She is really enjoying the wide and green field that she did not even consider running on it while it’s actually the middle of the game.

After running for long, she was then caught by a cat catcher. With what she have done, she have become a superstar of the foot ball game in a short while.

Naughty cat.

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