These People Thought It Was Just An Ordinary Rain But What Happens Next Blew Them Away!

Busan Is One of the World’s Finest Harbor But What Happens After The Rain Blow Me Away. Please Pray for Them.

The residents of Busan, South Korea did not expect something would happened right after the rain. They thought that it was just an ordinary rains pouring but what happened next blew the residents away. Heavy rains pummeled the southern parts of South Korea as already confirmed by the state’s disaster management agency.

Watch the Reactions of South Koreans to the Flash Floods:

Busan, is the second largest city of South Korea and considered as one of the world’s busiest seaport, ranking fifth worldwide. The City of Busan alone has an estimated 3.6 million population, the high population density is the main reason why thousands of people were affected of the flash floods that hits Busan on Monday.

According to the national government of South Korea a handful of people have been killed as torrential rains battered the city. South Korean rescuers are currently busy with their rescue and relief efforts to those affected by the flash floods that hit South Korea.

Based upon various footage on social media sites and was also shown on national TV, a bus was being pulled downstream in muddy flood waters. Other footage that went viral on social media features some of the major thoroughfares of the city being flooded with some strong water current.

South Korea also announced that a nuclear power plant in nearby Gijang County was forced to halt operations as a cooling facility was inundated. Heavy rains also knocked down Busan’s subway out of service for a few hours.

A total of 3-hour continuous rains affected Southern Korea on Monday which caused the floodings of the city of Busan and its surrounding area.

Busan Flooding Aftermath

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