You’ll Never Believe How This Cute Baby Does The Impossible by Arguing With A Dog!

This video is one of the most heart touching moment I ever found online, at first I could not believe with what I saw, an adorable baby did the impossible by arguing with a dog, but the argument is just a minor one. What is more interesting about the video is the expression of Zoe, the cute baby every time her canine pal, Pele, responded with her.

Watch the video of a Baby Arguing With a Dog:

The viral video was first uploaded by YouTube user Tyler Rockwood, featuring her baby Zoe and their canine pal, Pele. Zoe’s expression every time Pele retort is priceless.

The video have already garnered more than 240,000 views on YouTube alone aside from being shared on various social networking sites such as Facebook and on micro-blogging site Twitter.

The adorable video of the cute baby’s argument with a dog was also featured in one of the world’s most popular site Huffington Post, also considered as the world’s number one blogging website.

Watch the video above and you will surely be entertained with the cuteness not only with the baby but with the canine dog. Please Like and Share this video with your friends to spread the good vibes.

Baby Conversation with Dog

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