Jobert Austria Of “Banana Nite” Attempts To Take His Own Life

“Banana Nite” comedian Jobert Austria attempted to commit self-destruction based on ABS-CBN News. According to the news, he tried to jump off the top of the hotel building Saturday afternoon, August 16, 2014.

Banana Nite


Jobert Austria is an actor known for “Wansapanatym” in 2010, “Toda Max” in 2011, and “Dyagwar: Havey o Waley” in the same year. He was also known in the comedy gag show in ABS-CBN which is the “Banana Nite.” He is one of the mainstay cast of the said show which is aired every Saturday.

The said attempt happened in about 1 p.m the Sogo Hotel along Quezon Avenue.

Based on the news, it was after he have received a text message containing an alleged death threat for him. He then just decided to end his life after reading this said text message. He also reported this to co-star in “Banana Nite” Badjie Mortiz that there’s someone who wanted to kill him. However, he was somehow convinced to not do what he is thinking. It was then later turned out to be just an attempt.

As of this moment, there still no more further information on this said attempt by the comedian.

Let’s just be happy that this attempt did not turn out to be a real thing. He is now inside the said his hotel room calm. However, he requested to see his other family members and Banana Nite Director, Edgar “Bobot” Mortiz.

Meanwhile, let’s just wait for more updates regarding this attempt by the “Banana Nite” comedian.

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