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The video below demonstrates that joking around should be done in a right place at a right time. These three unidentified individuals thought that their pranks will make somebody laugh without knowing that it already reaches its limit and their jokes ended in tragedy.

Watch the Viral Video of “Three Men Pranks Gone Wrong”:

There are instances that our jokes are unusual and could even hurt someone, even if they were our close friends. The video below was seemed to be taken from a rooftop of a hotel or condominium unit, the exact location of the building is not yet identified.

Based upon the video a man appeared to be pushing another man wearing a blue sando out of the building. Suddenly another man from the back of the two joking friends tapped the knee of the man who pushed the sando-wearing friend causing one of them falling from the building.

The video was first posted by the Facebook Page, the video already garnered more than 19K Shares and 7K Likes on Facebook. The viral video got mixed reactions among netizens who already watched the video.

One netizen commented that the video is not true and the one who uploaded the video just gave a warning to all people about the limitations of pranks and jokes. Whether the video is real or not, we should always keep in mind our limitations especially in doing something that might harm others or ourselves.

Failed Franks
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