Aiko Melendez Says That She Was Snubbed By A Young Actor

Aiko Melendez believes that stars of this generation don’t know how to give respect to the stars who have been in the industry over the years.

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According to Aiko, an actor just ignored her after she have introduced herself to him.

She also said,  “Ako kasi for a time, ‘di ba I was away when I was in politics, so hindi talaga ako updated sa mga baguhang artista. Hindi ko sila kilala. So ako, my way of reaching out is when I see them, I smile at them hoping that I get a smile back and introduce myself.” It was on her interview with MJ Felipe and Ambet Nabus on Sunday in DZMM.

In fact, there’s a time when she walks and sees this particular actor. Then she introduced herself, but the said actor did not mind her. The said young actor just look at her as if she’s just nothing in the entertainment industry. Aiko just said Okay then.

Aiko was been in the industry for almost 30 years. Because she was busy in politics, she did not give enough time to meet new stars and new actors of this generation.

However, she refused to name the said particular actor. She just said that this incident happened when she was in the ABS-CBN’s compound.

When she was asked if she have message to the said actor, she said that she will just pray for the young actor. She also said that the more someone get’s particular, the more he needs to be humble to have more blessings from God.

This is based on ABS-CBN News.

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