Netizens Accused Daniel Padilla as Anti-Christ Because of Inverted Cross Shirt

The country’s Teen King, Daniel Padilla was accused by some netizens as an “Anti-Christ” because of viral photo of the actor wearing an inverted cross shirt during an event held in London. The photo of Daniel Padilla wearing the said shirt was posted by Kathryn Bernardo on her official Facebook account.

Daniel Padilla Inverted Cross

The alleged “Anti-Christ” symbol seen on Daniel Padilla’s shirt got some negative comments and reactions among netizens who saw the set of photos. The “inverted cross” sign according to some netizens is a symbol of the Illuminati or an “Anti-Christ” symbol.

Daniel Padilla was wearing a white BRONX shirt with an inverted cross inside a triangle printed on it. Some fans and followers of Daniel Padilla came to the rescue and defended Daniel Padilla by answering some questions posted by Daniel Padilla’s bashers.

According to various sources, the inverted cross is the Cross of St. Peter which is also known as Petrine Cross. Origin states that Simon Peter, one of Jesus Christ’s disciples was crucified upside down. The reason for the inverted cross was because Peter believed that he was not worthy dying the same as Jesus died so he requested to be crucified in upside down.

Some theory states that the inverted cross represents the opposite of Christianity by inverting the cross, the Christian’s primary symbol. The inverted cross was also popularized in various anti-religious imagery such as Hollywood movies about Anti-Christ.

Here’s the Negative Reactions of Daniel Padilla’s Shirt: 

Daniel Inverted

Daniel Inverted Anti

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