Car Crash in Pampanga (Video)

TV Patrol in ABS-CBN featured the fatal car crash in Pampanga that killed the 5 people. The only survivor is their 3 year old son Jemril Lcban who is the youngest in the family.

The accident happened last Saturday afternoon along heavy rains. Considered dead on the spot are Jesus Lcban who his 51 years old, his wife Jennifer Lcban who is 41 years old, their 12 year old son Justin and the 8 year old John Clarence. Norma Layug who was with them is also dead.

The accident happened when a truck hit the car of Lcban family. As seen on the news, the accident is really fatal that makes the parts of the car move in the sides of the accident area. The car is really damaged.

Benjie De la Cruz who had witnessed the accident says that it was the fault of the truck driver.

As the truck driver explains, he said that he lost his control to the car because he moved away from the car that had overtaken him. The accident had caused a very long traffic that lasted for 5 hours.

The truck driver was put into jail after the accident. As of this moment, he was still considered as suspect. Further investigations will still be conducted to determine the fault or if who is really liable in the said accident.

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  1. That was scary! I remember when I was involved in a car accident last year. Nothing serious though, but it was enough to scare the hell out of me. My car took all the brunt. My car insurance (MAPFRE Insular) took care of the repairs.


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